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By Alexander Gray

There is visible poverty in Jamaica, and so it goes almost without saying that there are disadvantaged groups in extreme need. Particularly children, who are unable to speak up for themselves, and above all children that are mentally or physically challenged. Our chosen charity in Jamaica is the Westhaven Children's Home for the Disabled, a shelter for children with disabilities that have been abandoned or who have nowhere to go once government care runs out (at eight or nine years old).

Based south of Montego Bay, Westhaven is home currently to around 80 children and young adults, who range from four in age to around 30. They all have some mental or physical disability and many of them have epilepsy. They are housed in four cottages, with a house mother, an assistant and two attendants and two cooks in all for the home. There are 48 staff in all. They receive occasional assistance from a teacher and twice a week from a crafts teacher, herself disabled. A doctor visits once a week.

Westhaven depends almost entirely on private donation, and while it gets some help from local businesses and particularly from Mission Jamaica, a project of St Andrew’s Lutheran Church in the States, there is always a need for more. Money that they receive is spent on medication for the children, food and clothing, general upkeep and maintenance and payment for the staff. And this is not to mention things that they would like to be able to do to improve the life of the children. Recently they managed to build a playground, but there is still much more to do.

How to Donate...

Westhaven Children's Home for the Disabled, Copse, Hanover, Jamaica

Ms. Rose Berry, Administrator

Phone Number: 001 (876) 956 4912 

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