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The archipelago of islands that make up the USVI, all have a very different character. Generally there is extensive tourism from mid to near top end, excellent beaches, cruise ship traffic, good service. St Thomas is the busiest and most developed island, with extremely active cruise ship port and extensive shopping. Many resort hotels, a handful of small, independent places to stay, good restaurants, very lively nightlife, golf. St Croix is less built up than St Thomas, visit towns and plantations for beautiful colonial architecture and history. It has some lovely boutique hotels. St John is far quieter and less developed, much of the island is national park and completely untouched, some exclusive hotels.

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Best for:
Beach, Yacht Charters
Not for:
How to get there:
Most flights go into St Thomas, and St Croix is usually accessed by air, St John via Ferry. Good flights from the US, Europe flights via US.
Top tip:
Take a trip see the hawksbill turtle and brown pelican at Buck Island Reef National Monument, a fully protected island and coral reef ecosystem.

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Looking for inspiration?

  1. Take a day trip to the Buck Island Reef National Monument
  2. Snorkel or dive your way around the islands
  3. For a drier choice try the duty free shops of St Thomas
  4. Explore the colonial past of St Croix
  5. Go hiking along the trails of St John's National Park

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