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Map of the Caribbean Islands

An interactive Caribbean map to take you to our comprehensive island guides

Caribbean Map

Our Map of the Caribbean islands illustrates how the chain of islands threads its way down between the North and South American continents and their proximity to Central America.

The Caribbean islands have been captivating travellers for centuries. They are most famous for their beaches - stretches of palm-backed sugar-soft sand that rise from gin clear shadows in a striking blue sea - but it's also an easy life in the islands.

The climate is wonderful virtually year-round, the pace of life is laid-back and the people are generally charming and welcoming. And the islands are relatively close to the USA and UK, by comparison with other tropical destinations. The Caribbean is a perfect place to take time out and relax.

Although the islands are often visible from one another over just a few miles of sea, they are surprisingly different. Some are lively and developed, with a strong local culture of music and dance, some have excellent hotels and restaurants. Others are the archetypal dozy island idyll, just a spit of sand with a few palm trees. And there are literally scores of them, so there's bound to be one that's ideal for you.

From our Caribbean map you can reach and explore in-depth island guides... all reports are written by independent freelance journalists who are at the top of their game and know these islands extremely well.