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By James Henderson

Anguilla is fairly typical of the Northeastern Caribbean underwater for its corals and fish and good visibility but generally it is not considered to have the best diving in the area. However, in the absence of otherwise spectacular underwater life, the Anguillians have cleverly sunk a number of wrecks in the island’s shallow offshore waters. Gradually these old ships, some of which sit upright on the sea bed, have become furred with corals and so they now make good diving.

Anguilla does not have a hyperbaric chamber, so divers requiring emergency treatment are flown to the nearest chamber, which is in Saba.

Anguilla’s six main wrecks are the MV Oosterdiep, which sits upright in 75ft in Road Bay, the MV Meppel and MV Lady Vie, which are also both upright in 80ft at Sail Reef, the MV Commerce and the MV Sarah, both of which sit in 80ft and the MV Ida Marie which is shallower in 60ft. But Anguilla’s most famous wreck is actually far older than these. El Buen Consejo, which sank in 1772 has been designated an Underwater Archaeological Preserve, set aside by the Government of Anguilla for its protection and for public enjoyment.

There is diving off some of the offshore islands including, though this is often dependent on the weather. Sandy Island, Prickly Pear, Little Scrub and Anguillita. Reefs include Sail Reef, Crystal Reef and the shallow Frenchmans Reef.

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