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Anguilla is quite a good choice of destination for revitalising mind, body and spirit. Not only is there a reasonable choice of complementary therapists but holistic activities such as yoga and Tai Chi are also available. Practitioners are available to come to your hotel or villa for private sessions.

OM Sweet OM Centre, South Hill - Francoise Le Meur holds Sivananda, Hatha and Yoga certification and conducts daily yoga classes in the Kripalu tradition, as well as teaching Reiki (she became a Reiki Master in 1997). There are yoga classes every day at 6.30am and on Saturday at 10-11.15 am

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    Spectacular white walled Moorish style buildings set on striking white sand make this one of the Caribbean’s most famous and best loved hotels. 72 rooms and suites in 18 villas with a good mix of 'get away from it all' and an upbeat and active atmosphere. Read more

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