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By Sara Macefield

Barbados is a popular cruise stop thanks to its blend of white-sand beaches, good shopping, pretty scenery and West Indian heritage. Better still, its compact size and good road network make it relatively easy to explore in a short space of time.

It may lack the lush tropical topography of some Caribbean islands, but there is no shortage of attractions for cruise visitors. Good beaches on the south or west coasts are a short taxi ride away, while island tours open up the northern Scotland region of the island along with the rugged east coast and beauty spot of Bathsheba. Specific attractions within easy reach include Harrison’s Cave, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Concorde Experience (with one of the old British Airways supersonic jets), Atlantis Submarines trip and various plantation houses and rum factories.

Ships dock at the modern cruise terminal at Barbados Port, a mile from the capital Bridgetown. There is a tourist information office giving details of tours, taxis and bus services, but you won’t find local tour companies hawking for business as they’re not allowed to for security reasons. So anyone wanting to fix up their own tours needs to arrange them in advance with local companies such as St James Travel & Tours which can tailor trips accordingly.

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  1. Ride the waves at kitesurfing mecca Silver Point
  2. Drive along the breathtakingly beautiful East Coast
  3. Go underground at Harrison's Cave
  4. Hobnob with the stars watching a polo match
  5. Step back in time at the impressive Jacobean plantation house - St Nicholas Abbey

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