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By Sara Macefield

Small and perfectly formed, the Cayman Islands are better known for their offshore attractions as the crystal-clear waters surrounding them contain some of the best diving in the world. The three low-lying islands - Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman - don’t really have many land-based attractions and can easily be explored in a day.

Grand Cayman, which is a popular cruise stop, is the main hub with the capital George Town. It is also home to the islands’ most famous attractions, namely Stingray City, where swimmers and snorkellers can interact with tame rays, and beautiful Seven Mile Beach. Hell is a more novel, whimsical, tourist site based around a strikingly-unusual rock formation, where visitors can send postcards from the onsite post office with its own Hell post-stamp. Other points of interest include the 65-acre Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and the oldest building on Grand Cayman, the Pedro St James plantation house which is now a living heritage museum.

Cruise ships call at Grand Cayman, mooring in the bay and taking passengers ashore by tender (small boats) to one of the two docks, which lead into the George Town. Here, visitors can find duty-free shops, restaurants, buses and the main taxi rank, where many drivers also offer tours.

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  1. Take a day sail to Stingray City
  2. Walk the length of Seven Mile Beach
  3. Dive the many sites off Little Cayman
  4. Enjoy a guided tour of Cayman Brac
  5. Choose from three excellent restaurants in Osetra Bay

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