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By Stephen Thorpe

Dominica has a number of buildings dating back to the plantation era and the period under British rule when slaves were brought to the island and sold in the capital, Roseau, where the old slave market still exists. Roseau contains several other points of interest, and a very good way of discovering them is The Historic Walking Tour, facilitated by self-guided tour maps available from the Cocorico, Cartwheel and Cornerhouse cafes.

The Old Mill Cultural Centre, formerly part of a lime and sugar estate, is a little way north of the capital at Canefield and houses a fine collection of local artwork and is a useful place for accessing information and directions for other talented artists.

The Old Slave Market at the western end of King George V Street is given over to craft stalls but the Saturday morning Roseau Market at the opposite end of town by the river is the island’s food basket on display. And a mouth-watering show it is, with every imaginable fruit and vegetable and lots you’ll never put a name to. Here, at first hand, is the heart and soul of the country. Friday evening is another option but the morning food cavalcade is best – check out Peter and Karen at the Roots Farm stall and sample their speciality organic gourds or Japanese turnips grown at Cochrane.

The Barracoon Building north of the post office is one of the country’s oldest, a former holding house for slaves, a relic of some dark days.

Non-profit organisations and Government links:

Society for Heritage Architecture Preservation and Enhancement (SHAPE), Castle Street, Roseau. t 275 5031 |

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Looking for inspiration?

  1. Appreciate the urban history and fabric of Roseau on the Historic Walking Tour
  2. Trek Morne Bruce beside the Botanical Gardens for spectacular views
  3. Scuba dive or go whale watching for once in a lifetime memories
  4. Hike to the Boiling Lake along the Waitukubuli Trail
  5. Ride down Indian River, through Portsmouth, to the Cabrits National Park

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