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Gardens that can be visited in Grenada include:

Sunnyside, St George’s -  A superb tropical garden set inland from the capital at around 600 feet, a colonial house with views of both the Caribbean and Atlantic and, in addition to the many flowers, every imaginable fruit tree - sugar apple, star apple, golden apple, soursop, bay leaf and clove - laid out beautifully among lawns. There is very little evidence of Ivan, except for a couple of sheets of wriggly tin purposefully left in the trees. The flowers are back in bloom and the garden is in the best condition of those that are open. By appointment only.

The Bay Gardens, St Paul’s - The closest garden to St George’s, set on a hillside with eight acres given over to a fantastic variety of rainforest plants and foliage, shrubs and tropical blooms. The Bay Gardens was used as the basis for Grenada’s Gold Medal stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2004. They offer an easy opportunity to see giant heliconias and other species without venturing into the rainforest proper, as well as local fruit juices as some light snacks on their pretty veranda. The gardens suffered considerable damage during Hurricane Ivan, particularly to their big trees and their pond, but there is so much there that there is still a lot to see, even for horticultural specialists. Repairs are in progress but it is usually open from 7am-6pm. Advisable to call and check.

The Tower, St Paul’s -  A garden of tall trees surrounding lawns and informal borders and herbaceous banks. Lovely koi pond and Japanese garden. Rare forms of Hibiscus the size of saucers. They also offer visits to the house. In Hurricane Ivan, the Tower lost its gazebo and some of its large trees, and many of its fruit trees lost limbs. The repairs to the house are almost finished and replanting is underway. By appointment, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Joydon, St Paul’s - A cracking setting at 800 ft, with views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean. Lots of exotics among extensive trees.

Balthazar Estate, St Andrew - Balthazar Estate, situated in the heart of the rainforest, once produced sugar cane, bananas, cocoa nutmeg and citrus. Now it is a commercial flower-growing business that also produces lemongrass tea and the popular ‘Nutmed’ athletic spray. It also supplies the bulk of the flowers and foliage that make up Grenada’s gold medal displays at Chelsea Flower Show. The estate suffered some damage to large trees and an orchid house but many of the flowers are back in bloom. By appointment only.

Hyde Park Garden, St George's - Grenada’s newest private garden in open to the public, but you will have to book in advance. The garden was rated one of top three gardens in Grenada by a group of UK and Canadian Garden Specialist Tour Operators on their visit in November 2005. US$55 per person (minimum 2 persons) with Garden Tour specialists, Caribbean Horizons. By appointment only.

Plant nurseries

St Rose Nurseries, Beaulieu - Commercial nurseries with greenhouses that cultivate a good variety of interesting and unusual plants and flowers including water lilies, exotic bamboos, eucalyptus, gingers, cacti and aurelias. Also a small, well laid out garden with a pond in which the fish colouring mimics the surrounding plants in orange and blue. The nurserymen are familiar with the botanical names, so it is fun to discuss things with them. The garden lost all their greenhouses, which are currently being rebuilt, but the plants inside them were in reasonable shape. They also lost some of their larger trees.

Mirabeau Nursery, Grenville - This nursery is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and is used to propagate mainly fruit trees and other alternate crops for farmers as well as private horticulturalists. The busiest time for the sale of plants is at the start of the wet season (May, June) when most planting is done, making use of the frequent rains to help young plants get established.

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