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Dive Grenada is a PADI 5 Star and BSAC Resort Centre that has been in existence since 1991 - the longest established dive operator in Grenada. Its Dive Centre is on the spectacular Grand Anse Beach, beneath the Flamboyant Hotel, and so it is ideally situated to reach most of the 30 plus dive sites around Grenada’s south-western tip within a short boat ride. The company offers two regular daily dives (a two-tank dive at 9am, a single tank dive at 1-30pm), custom-made day trips and some dive packages. They also offer a full range of dive courses, from the regular Resort Course (Discover Scuba Diving) up to Divemaster training.

The company is headed up by Phil Saye and his wife Helen. Phil, formerly with the Royal Navy, has been with Dive Grenada since 2004. He is passionate about the underwater life of the island and is a very active member of the Marine Protected Areas Co-Management Group. Helen is the Operations Director for the Company and was a Medical Doctor in the UK before joining Dive Grenada. There are six members of staff in all, including their Boat Captain - Raphie, Gary, their longest serving Divemaster, Cojak their new Divemaster and Ricardo, who is their main Instructor.

Dive Grenada takes out a maximum of 8 divers with two divemasters. They use a custom built 32’ Pirogue boat fitted with a Garmin GPS and depth Sounder and VHF radio. It has a very ergonomic ladder with handrails for easy water exits. There are also clips to hold the tanks in transit and a 12 litre cylinder of O2 on board with a ‘DAN’ regulator and mask. The company has an excellent safety record and are known for their fun approach with experts or beginners alike.

They offer diving to all qualified divers – a standard single tank dive costs US$55 - and instruction at all levels including specialities. Courses range from their introductory Discover Scuba Diving (US$120), through the Open Water Course at US$525 to their Divemaster course at US$900. All PADI courses are inclusive of equipment and training materials, and resort dives and training sessions are done either in the pool at the Flamboyant Hotel, or in the calm water off Grand Anse Beach, right in front of the dive shop. Dive Grenada is happy to offer referral dives if you have done some of your training back home.

The company also offers a number of packages in combination with the Flamboyant Hotel. Finally they are also happy to let out their boat on a private charter.

The dive sites in Grenada are mostly around the south-western tip of the island, between Flamingo Bay (north of St Georges) and MV Hema 1, three miles off the south coast. They can all be reached within a 20 minute ride of the dive shop. The dive sites include a large number of wrecks (Grenada is now known as the ‘Wreck Capital of the Caribbean’ with 15) as well as reefs. You can expect to see hard and soft corals on the reefs as well as reef fish such as chromis and angel fish. There are also larger fish such as barracuda and occasionally sharks and rays.

There are also great opportunities for snorkelling along Grenada’s undulated coastline. A particular favourite is to the Underwater Sculpture Park at Moliniere Bay. The brainchild of Jason Taylor, a sculptor from England, it contains a series of underwater installations on the theme of Grenada’s history and folklore. The sculptures were transported, submerged and assembled by the Dive Grenada team. It is quite possible to free-dive the five metres to the deepest installation, where you will be greeted by such sights as 26 boys and girls slowly turning into coral, the Lost Correspondent or perhaps a few divers meandering through the coral networks.

For more information on dives sites and snorkelling trips please see below. Alternately, visit the Dive Grenada website by following the web link at the top of this page. 

Dive Courses

Discover Scuba Diving (Resort course) - US$120 (Repeat US$90)
Open Water Course - US$525
Advanced Open Water - US$450
Emergency First Response - US$155
Rescue Course - US$450
Divemaster - US$900
Pool Refresher - US$60
Dive Refresher - US$120
Tropical Referral - US$375
(Tropical Referral enables you to complete the open water diving section of your scuba course after initial training and classroom work at home).
Specialities - US$300

Prices include 10% VAT 

Dive Packages

1 Tank Dive - US$55
2 Tank Dive - US$105
6 Dive Package - US$294
10 Dive Package - US$465
Night Dive (min 6 people) - US$75
Snorkel Trips (min 6) - US$40 one site/US$60 two sites
Equipment Rental (per dive) - US$15

All rates are per person and require proof of certification. All rates subject to change without notice and include 10% VAT


Dive Grenada uses a custom built 32’ Pirogue boat which has a ladder with handrails making exit from the water very easy. The boat is equipped with the following Safety Equipment – O2, VHF radio, emergency phones, flares, GPS and depth sounder. 

Shop Rentals

Dive Grenada has a small dive shop beneath The Flamboyant Hotel. This enables beginners to do all their training on site and for non-divers to relax by the bar, surf the internet (WiFi), or bask in the sun on complimentary loungers on the beach.

There are changing facilities with outdoor showers and secure areas for drying and storing your equipment. 

Safety & Medical

All equipment is modern, well-maintained and regularly serviced. The regulators and BCDs are Sherwood, the wetsuits are Akona

Grenada Scuba Diving

There are more than 15 wrecks in close proximity to Grenada’s shores – all between six and 40 metres below the waves. There is something for everyone, ranging from MV Veronica, a shallow dive with minimal current that is suitable for beginners, through to the famous Bianca C, known as ‘The Titanic of the Caribbean’, a 600ft cruise liner that was sunk in 1961. At 100ft deep, it is suitable only for experienced divers.

There are many different types of coral, including boulder, star and stag horn corals as well as many soft corals and sponges. And amongst this array of colour you will often find barracuda, lobster, turtles, moray and snake eels as well as large grouper, nurse sharks, and the occasional spotted eagle ray.

The waters around Grenada are generally clear, warm and calm, even when it’s raining – so visibility is generally good, as much as 20 or 30 metres at times. There are some sites that should be treated carefully due to strong currents, but the local knowledge and experience on hand at Dive Grenada will make sure that you are safe and enjoy yourself.


The longest established dive operator on Grenada. Dive Grenada is based on Grand Anse Beach and offers diving along leeward coast of the island and around the south-western point, including reef and Grenada shipwreck dives such as the famous Bianca C. Also snorkelling trips. The company is a PADI 5 Star and BSAC Resort Centre.