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St Kitts Map

Welcome to our interactive map of St Kitts, on which you will be able to locate the best beaches in St Kitts and other useful features including links to our in-depth guide.


Lively West Indian life on a small, attractive island, not that developed. Air access quite good, a few beaches, some secluded; a limited range of accommodation but two delightful plantation house hotels. Golf, some visible history.

Best for: Cruise ships, casinos, golf

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The 5 best Beaches

  • Cockleshell Bay
  • South Friar's Bay
  • South Frigate Bay
  • Banana Bay
  • Major's Bay

The 5 best Restaurants

  • Marshall's, Frigate Bay
  • Serendipity, Basseterre
  • Rawlins Plantation Inn, St Pauls
  • Royal Palm, Ottley's Plantation Inn
  • Stonewalls, Basseterre

The 5 best Places to See

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress
  • Black Rocks volcanic formations
  • Top of Mount Liamuiga
  • Historic Basseterre
  • Romney Manor

The 5 best Things to do

  • Dine under the stars, Frigate Beach bars
  • Sunset at Monkey Bar, Frigate Beach
  • Jeep Safari tours/Rainforest hike
  • Play golf or scuba dive
  • Catamaran cruise and snorkel