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Trinidad Map

Where is Trinidad? Welcome to our interactive map of Trinidad. Trinidad together with her sister island Tobago is located in to the south of Grenada, just above Venezuela. Our Trinidad map shows towns, the best beaches, golf courses, restaurants and accommodation.


TRINIDAD, located just off the Venezuelan coast, is large, busy and populous. It is highly developed in places, but also has magnificent rainforest with the region’s finest birdwatching, superb natural life and some light adventure. Only a few beaches and few hotels, mostly in Port of Spain (many for business) but increasingly in the countryside too. Some cruise tourism. A cultural leader in the English-speaking Caribbean with an extraordinary racial mix, excellent range of restaurants, mostly in Port of Spain, interesting city life and art.

Best for: Great music, strong culture, avid twitchers and carnival fun

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The 5 best Beaches

  • Maracas Bay
  • Tyrico Bay
  • Las Cuevas Bay
  • Blanchisseuse Bay
  • Grand Riviere

The 5 best Restaurants

  • BattiMamzelle, Coblenz Inn
  • Verandah, St Clair, Port of Spain
  • Apsara, Port of Spain
  • Jenny's, Port of Spain
  • Richard's Bake and Shark, Maracas Bay

The 5 best Places to See

  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary
  • Asa Wright Bird Sanctuary
  • A steel band "Panyard"
  • Carnival
  • The Magnificent Seven

5 best Things to do

  • Birdwatching
  • Eco Tourism/Nature, Turtle watching
  • Calypso concert
  • Adventure - exploring caves, hiking, mountain-biking
  • Nightlife